The World Environment Day, on June 5th, was celebrated today in Banja Luka by the public action of the Center for Environment with the aim of drawing public attention to the environmental problems that Banja Luka and its surroundings have been facing last few days. The action called “You ask, we look for answers“ started symbolically at 5 to 12 am on the Krajina Square.

The citizens were asking questions and the answers to them will be sought by the Center for the environment.

“The last events concerning pyralen, waste in Bocac and the occurrence of algae in Vrbas demanded a concrete and quicker (re)action by the competent authorities. It is clear that the timely and effective coordination of all participants in resolving these problems has lacked, which led to the spread of disinformation, untimely responses, and non-compliance of institutions in reporting to the public. Therefore, we have enabled direct participation of citizens in the public action so they can ask their question, give a comment or a suggestion to the competent institutions, whice will then be forwarded to relevant authorities. A lot of questions were being asked, and a large number of them were related to recent events”, says Majda Ibrakovic, coordinator of the action from the Center for Environment.

She added that citizens who were not able to attend the event today, may send their questions, comments or suggestions to the Center for Environment through social media.

“The questions that were asked by the citizens will be sent to the relevant institutions in due time,” says Majda.

Natasa Crnkovic, the president of the Center for Environment, reminded that this organization has been dealing with environmental issues all over Bosnia and Herzegovina for 20 years and that today we are facing one of the biggest ecological problems, which is contamination with dangerous pyralen.

“Pyralen is carcinogenic and it is almost impossible to remove it from the nature after pollution and it has been proven that it is present in high concentrations.

We are expecting from the authorities to be quicker and more transparent about this problem and we offer cooperation and dialogue for joint problem solving. We are ready to be the initiators of public dialogue and we hope that we will find collaborators in the institutions. If we do not see concrete progress in the most recent period, we will definitely react accordingly.

Our reaction will not be and may not be omitted because we are facing with a serious ecological threat and we all have the goal of finding the solution as soon as possible”, said Natasa Crnkovic president of the Center for the environment.

World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide on June 5th, which should encourage public awareness of the issues of its protection. It is an international day, which is not reserved for congratulations, but also warnings and a timely response to current environmental problems, both locally and globally. On the urgency of solving the accumulated problems in Banja Luka and its surroundings, symbolic clocks were placed at the Krajina Square today.

The clockwise on the first watch showed 5 to 12 am, while on the second one it was 5 minutes past 12.

The questions are aksed: Is it finally time to react, or we are already late?