PHOTO: Siniša Nenadić

Latest Center for Environment Assembly: New elected leaders!

The regular annual assembly of Center for Environment was held on Thursday, March 25, 2021. At the regular assembly, amendments to the Statute of the association were adopted and the membership of new members was accepted.

After the regular one, an election assembly was held at which a new management structure of the association was elected.

Tihomir Dakić was elected president of the association, and Jelena Ivanić and Aleksandra Anja Dragomirović vice presidents.

Nataša Crnković, who performed the function of the president of the association for eight years, pointed out that during that period, Center grew into a stable and strong organisation, of which she is very proud.

“We have gone through many battles, successes and defeats as a team, built ourselves, supported each other and most importantly, managed to preserve our principles, values and spirit. It wasn’t the easiest thing to lead this team, but it was certainly the nicest. I will stay in Center, where I have found myself both professionally and ideologically, and I’ll return to the topic of nature protection and biodiversity, which makes me very happy. I thank everyone who has built the Center all these years, whether through their engagement, activism or other kind of support, and I especially thank my team that supported me in this role and enabled us to grow together, “said Nataša.

Tihomir Dakić, who took over management of the organisation, points out that there will be a lot of challenges that Center will continue to deal with and try to solve:

“It is a great honour, but also a responsibility that I have received from our members, to, during the next term; lead an association which is quite involved in the processes of environmental protection and responsible development due to its activities and engagement. A cyclist can’t do much without the frame of a bike, wheels, chain, brakes, pedals and other parts, so looking at all colleagues as very important “parts” of our “bike”, I am sure that in the future we will work in sync when it comes to social change . We will work on the transparency of our work and continue working on the development of membership and individuals who will be new “wheels” tomorrow, connecting with independent experts from various fields, influencing public opinion in terms of understanding the topic and importance of certain actions and campaigns. Nataša has left a permanent mark as president and a structure that now needs to be preserved and developed. In short, I am looking forward to working with Aleksandra-Anja Dragomirović and Jelena Ivanić to lead our association and take care of the environment and the colleagues we work with! ” Due to the current epidemiological situation, the assembly was held online