(Cover photo: Tuzla, © Goran Stojak)

Power plants whose operation is being justified by the production of electricity are nonetheless one of the largest polluters of the environment. Their impact on quality of life is measured by gloomy statistics that testify to an increase in the incidence of cancer and other, especially respiratory, diseases. The pollution caused by the operation of thermal power plant cares none about country borders or life expectancy.

A new report from International Panel on Climate Change warns that the rising global sea temperature must remain below 1.5 °C of pre-industrial level or we will reach the point of no return. Authorities must realise that it is high time to stop investing in fossil fuels, and that it is necessary to turn to renewable energy resources.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, knowledge of this issue remains at low levels. In the coming period, follow our engaging short video stories made in the local distressed communities.

Free us from coal!