Name of the organisation: Center for Environment
Project title:   The invisible world of waters – education of children about the importance and living world of waters Sector: Biodiversity and protected areas
Location Cost of the action


Role:  Coordinator,

co-beneficiary, affiliated entity

Donors to the action (name) Amount contributed (by donor) Dates
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2709.84 Coordinator –  Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency of Republic of Srpska

European Climate Foundation

– 2045.06

–        664.67

Objectives and results of the action The main goal of the project is to educate children about the importance of water and its living world.

After the workshops, children are better informed about the water, the living world that inhabits them and the problems that our waters face. The ultimate goal of this project is to inspire children in the closer future to choose ecology as a lifelong choice and thus become part of the change in their society and much wider.