At the Museum of Republic of Srpska, selected works of Banja Luka students were awarded today. In the competition, five primary schools of the Banja Luka region (PS Ivo Andrić, PS Aleksa Šantić, PS Stanko Rakita, PS Branislav Nušić and PS Branko Radičević) took part on the topic of protecting our rivers. The award of the jury was divided by the works of PS Stanko Rakita and PS Branislav Nušić, while the audience prize was awarded to PS Ivo Andric.

“Work with elementary schools has been initiated because we have seen the importance of educating students about the issues of the protection of our waters that are under increasing pressure, but we have realized through this work that there is a great need for continuation of such activities. The fact that we have awarded three prizes instead of two shows the difficulty of the task we had,” said Iva Miljević from Center for Environment.

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These models/solutions have been intensively developed with ecological sections and teachers since September, and through the project “Save our rivers, save Vrbas” by the teams of Center for Environment and Environmental Departments of Vodovod a.d. Banja Luka.

“The work that we can see today exposed shows the effort, work, and above all the will that these young people have. All this gives us hope in the brighter future of our aquatic ecosystem, and therefore of Vrbas, the basic raw material of the Vodovod a.d. Banja Luka”, said Marijana Bijelić from Vodovod a.d. Banja Luka.

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Along with the project leaders, Igor Radojicic, mayor of Banjaluka, also gave a short speech. The participating schools of the second phase of the project were present as well.

“It is evident that water is becoming the most important resource of today, and since we have water, it is our duty to preserve it. We will continue to support such activities and create generations that will restore Banja Luka's old glow, the status of green city, parks and clean Vrbas River, ” said Igor Radojicic, mayor of Banjaluka.

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The project is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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