CZZS | World Environment Day marked in Banja Luka The public must be informed on projects of public interest!

World Environment Day marked in Banja Luka The public must be informed on projects of public interest!

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World Environment Day was marked by the Center for Environment’s members with a symbolic action in the close vicinity of the Government of Republika Srpska’s building, with the message saying that the public must be allowed information on projects of public interest.

Center for Environment has, after several attempts to attain Annex on the Treaty on the concession for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the territory of RS, received the ruling of the Banja Luka District Court, which states that the RS Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining must make these documents public.

After the arrival of the Dutch company Shell, well known by transgression of human rights and destruction of environment, was announced, CfE has, together with other organisations gathered around the Civil coalition for responsible exploration of oil resources in BiH[1],, started overseeing the oil exploration and exploitation activities. During these activities, the responsible Ministry was contacted regarding the aforementioned contract and annex, since the RS Government deemed the granting of the concession as public interest.

Nataša Crnković, president, Center for Environment: „Breaking the Law on Freedom of accession to information is a common habit among our officials. Quite a few projects are being kept away from the public eye. There are two problems-firstly, why are some of these projects marked as public interest and secondly, why doesn’t the public have any information on these projects? The verdict we received has restored our belief in the legal system and the people who decide to put the benefit of the RS’s citizens before that of companies and individuals.

The verdict reads:: „The written makes it clear that the subject is of public interest for Republika Srpska, thus, the activities which are of public interest for Republika Srpska can not be a business secret and can not be made inaccessible to its citizens or a legal person which can have an interest on being informed on its legal basis, and on the activities which are being undertaken on the basis of the Concession contract and it’s Annex, especially if its considered public interest”.


 Igor Kalaba, Energy and Climate Change Coordinator, Center for Environment: „Next to the obvious risks for the environment, we are also dealing with a handover of natural resources to investors whose primary goal is profit by any means necessary. TPPs Ugljevik 3 and Stanari, mines in Foča and Maslovare, oil exploration, hydropower plants on the rivers Sana, Sutjeska, Neretva and many other projects, all must be done in an extremely transparent fashion”.

Recently there was a leak and the original document [2] together with the annexes on the concession for TPP Ugljevik 3 was made public. This document can potentially be harmful for RS. After this leak, Minister Đokić decided to reconsider signing the document.


[2] Government of RS with annexes has obliged to numerous concessions to the company “Comsar”::


05 Jun 2016