The Solar Pecka crowdfunding campaign „Solarna Pecka“, started by organizations „Greenways“, in charge of Visitor center Pecka management, and „Center for Environment (CZZS)/Friends of the Earth Bosnia Herzegovina“ has been successfully completed, managing to raise up to USD 6,687.

This amount is enough to install solar thermal collectors for 300 liters of water and part of the photovoltaic (PV) panels for power generation in Visitor Center Pecka‘s roof, what was the campaign goal.

We are pleased to say that the amount planned to be raised through the online crowdfunding campaign –USD 6,000-  has been surpassed.

Thanks to the participation of a large number of citizens and individuals, not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but from around the whole world, the final amount has been overcome by 11 percent, making this campaign even more successful.

The “Solarna Pecka” campaign has lasted 26 days, during which 226 individuals and organizations have contributed to it. Besides, part of the contributions have been made directly to “Greenways” organization’s bank account, and several socially responsible companies and organizations have supported the campaign.

„Solarna Pecka“ is now the country’s first citizen initiative to bring solar energy to the rural area.

Solar energy is the future that is awaiting us, and through Pecka’s example together we can spark and promote this kind of sustainable energy source and show that power can be obtained in this way.

Appart from that, this campaign will bring Visitor Center Pecka a new educational dimension – an example of how solar energy can be used for energy generation with the direct participation of citizens and private companies, through this singular crowdfunding model. The benefits of Solar Pecka will be directly enjoyed by the local community and all visitors and beneficiaries of the Visitor Center Pecka.

For the installation of the entire 5.4 kW PV system on the visitor center’s roof and implementation of the whole prosuming idea in the center USD 13,000 are needed, which is actually our ultimate goal. Thanks to the successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign, the second phase has  been already started, which will be realized with other organizations and companies support.

Visitor Center Pecka is settled in Pecka’s old rural school that. The building, with the support of the Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad, was given in use to a group of enthusiasts and countryside and nature lovers, being later reconstructed to serve as the Center for Sustainable Tourism in the Rural Community. It has rooms for sleeping, dining, cooking, organizing meetings and seminars and socializing.

The Center offers bicycle rental, trips to Sana’s sources, and family events with homemade food. This Center enjoys the full support of the Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad and of the all Pecka’s inhabitants who are happy to participate in its work and contribute to this successful story. Thanks to the effort and love that were invested in the Center, it quickly became an inevitable destination on the map of numerous tourists, adventurers, families who want a short escape to nature, as well as the destination of numerous student excursions and visits by domestic and international guests.

The Center also hosts a two-day OUTDOOR festival that brings together families with children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a socially responsible and sustainable tourist product that, by popularizing the beautiful Pecka, promotes active and healthy life, cycling, hiking and natural heritage, and empowers the local economy and encourages the development of the complete region.

Center for Environment has been cooperating with Visitor Center Pecka since its very beginning, and together we have decided to make this successful story even more successful by promoting renewable energy sources and investing in a sustainable future.

The success of our joint campaign is the confirmation of the commitment of a large number of citizens in investing in renewable energy sources, as well as in small successful projects that thanks to constant work and effort today contribute to the development of the whole region.


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