The 2035 Bosnia and Herzegovina Energy strategic national framework was proposed for approval the past 1st of august in the Council of ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s 151st session. While this framework it is presented to the public as the national energy strategy, actually it is just the list of wishes from a goverment and an energy lobby who do not want to change even for the benefit of whole country‘s development – this is the position of the enviromental organizations which have followed this document development process.

„It is obvious that B-H decision makers do not have a clear and consensuated vision on the energy sector development. This development will still be relying on „past century 70‘s“ policies, based on producing energy from fossil fuels and exporting electricity“ has pointed out Duška Kudra, Center for Environment Energy and Climate Change Program Coordinator.

Denis Žiško, Energy and Climate Change Program Coordinator in the Center for ecology and energy points out that this all is just one more proof of „our politicians short-sightedness“: „While our politians swear on B-H path to EU integration at the same time approve a strategy in which none of offered scenarios implies the energy sector decarbonisation actually pursued by the European Union“

Rijad Tikveša, Ekotim president, emphasizes that a major lack in the document is that none strategic environmental impact assessment has been made during its development: “Now we do not know how and how much will each scenario impact negatively on the environment and the society” Tikves said.

Reaching an agreement on the 2035 Bosnia and Herzegovina Energy strategic national framework has taken more than one year. After having received „green light“ from Republica srpska‘s side, it has been proposed for approval on the 151th ordinary session of the Council of ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While EU countries work intensively on a decarbonisation system, Bosnia and Herzegovina obviously ignores these principles with the approval of a document not compliant with the country obligations adquired from the signed international documents.

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