The Coalition for Sana,on the occasion of putting into operation of the hydropower plant Medna, points out that it represents the beginning of the end of one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in our country, a river whose name means health.

“We decided to symbolically mark the beginning of the destruction of the Sana River, prior to the announced putting into operation of the hydropower plant Medna. We want to expose the lies and promises regarding the benefits of this plant, as is will bring no good. From the beginning, we have fought hard against this hydropower plant, along with the local community, but the interests of the investors were more important”, said Natasa Crnkovic from Center for Environment.

The destruction of the Sana River is the consequence of irresponsibility from ecological, economic, legal and moral aspect. Despite the arguments and facts the local community and the Coalition for Sana presented, the competent authorities granted the construction of this plant.

Goran Krivic, coordinator of the Coalition for Sana adds: “Granting subsidies to the Austrian-German company Kelag, or more precisely, granting them the money from citizens of this country, we consider to be a plunder of our own people. The Economic Study proves that with this plantthe countrywill lose more than 1 million BAM. Certainly, we will lose much more, the nature and health of the people. ”

The promise that Medna will secure new jobs will disappear, just as Sana will disappear in the pipes. This promise is a lie and deception of investors who are hiding behind the announced economic progress of the country. Destruction of the Sana River will not go unnoticed, as the Coalition for Sana plans to monitor the operation of this hydropower plant and its environmental impact, but also to once again initiate the procedure for the protection of Sana springs.

Coalition for Sana gathers 23 organizations from eight cities in the river basin, which are for yearspointing out the irregularities regarding the planning and construction of the Medna hydropower plant on the Sana River.

This action is part of the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign

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