Last weekend, the Sava TIES project was presented at the events organized in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Croatia, a locally organized event called „Kosci za kosce“ was held in Donja Zdenčina. Another popular event “Pecka Outdoor Festival” was organized in at the Municipality Mrkonjić grad in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

DONJA ZDENČINA, CROATIA – The purpose of this event was to promote the traditional way of mowing wet meadows in the Sava River basin and to raise awareness about the preservation of a mysterious but endangered bird species – Corncrake (Crex crex) whose survival depends on such habitats. The problem of invasive alien plants is closely related to these issues since these aggressive plants overgrow habitats important for the Corncrake. #Sava TIES activities were presented to the visitors as a possible solution to the habitat preservation fostering local tradition and culture.

MRKONJIĆ GRAD, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Meanwhile in Bosnia and Herzegovina Pecka Outdoor Festival was happening in the Municipality Mrkonjić grad. Visitors were introduced to the activities of the Center for Environment and learned about the activities carried out in the field of Tišina pond firsthand. This festival brought together a great number of enthusiasts, nature lovers and athletes, as well as exhibitors of local products and other local inhabitants. The festival was organized by the Sustainable Development Association “Greenways”.


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