The last weekend of May was reserved for the study of the living world of the protected landscape “Trebević”. On the occasion of the International Day of Biodiversity, the Association for Biological Research and Nature Protection BIO.LOG, organized “BioBlitz Trebević 2019”, a manifestation devoted to the research of the living world and the promotion of science, scientific research, natural values ​​and biological diversity of the protected area “Trebević” on 26 May 2019.

BioBlitz is an activity that aims to find and identify as many species in the selected area within a given time frame. The specificity of this research is the openness and involvement of the public in the scientific research, awareness raising on the importance of biodiversity protection and biological research, and the promotion and cooperation of research organizations and the protection of biodiversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The day after the realized research, we presented the results at the Level Up Hotel, where visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with our research and to explore the life of our favorite excursion site together, to learn and share experiences, current and planned activities for nature protection and contribute to the protection and preservation of Trebević.

With a pleasant gathering with experts from various fields of biological science, during these two days we have explored and introduced the world that inhabits this protected area. Almost 300 species of insects, fungi, plants, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and other organisms have been identified during the study, while a significant part of the collected samples will be processed in laboratories and included in the final list to be submitted to Protected Natural Sites of Sarajevo Canton, and will be used to create a database of biodiversity. Among the species found there are a number of our endemic, endangered and rare species, some of which have not been recorded in the Trebević area before.

In addition to the members and experts of the Association BIO.LOG, experts and members of a large number of associations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other countries, including Genofond, Center for the Environment, MYCOBH Mycology Association, Hyla Association, Center for Karst and Speleology, Bosnian-Herzegovinian Herpetological Association “ATRA”, Association of Biology Students in BiH and Sharklab-Malta.

Center for Environment presented the activities of the Sava TIES project that is being implemented in the Sava River Basin and interested were given the opportunity to get acquainted with our most invasive species of plants, the ways of their eradicationa and management and the importance of preserving habitats and species along the Sava River.

On this occasion, cooperation between the Center for the Environment and BIO.LOG has been agreed on the growing problem of invasive alien species, which represents an increasing threat and the second most significant cause of biodiversity reduction in the world as well as in BiH.


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