CZZS | Public debate in Dvor: together against storage of radioactive waste

Public debate in Dvor: together against storage of radioactive waste

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Members of the Center for Environment took part in the public debate on the Strategic Environmental Assessment and draft of the National Programme for  implementation of strategy on radioactive waste disposal, exploited resources and nuclear fuel, which was held today 04.03.2016 in Dvor, Croatia. The discussion was attended by over 40 stakeholders, representatives of the local population, but also the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Una-Sana Canton. The same event was held the day before but everybody left for unknown reasons.

Viktor Bjelic, Vice President of the Center for Environment: “Not surprisingly, a large number of participants are from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The area that is in the potential danger of this warehouse is mostly on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nevertheless, the impact on Bosnia and Herzegovina is not processed. However, it is encouraging that at all levels of government, from municipal and cantonal to the entity and by the citizens and civil society organizations comes a strong signal that this story is nowhere near finished. ”

As experts of the State Office for Radiological and Nuclear Safety of the Croatian presented a plan, the public has sent their questions and criticisms. Most of those present were dissatisfied with the process, believing that they were brought before a fait accompli, since the documentation submitted only considers Trgovska Gora as a macro for storage of radioactive waste, without any possible alternative locations or scenarios.rsz_ide

Igor Kalaba, Program Coordinator Energy and climate change: “Part of the presentation was related to funding for the development of the European Union that are supposedly more easily applied and co-financed by the municipality which would Dvor receive for the disposal of radioactive waste. These funds have been available for years and are not used for other reasons. Using the difficult economic situation of the population as an argument for a project that may jeopardize agricultural production which most are involved with is embarrassing. ”

Centre for Environment opposes the project of storing  in Trgovska Gora because of the possible impact on the environment and local community, and requests from authorities all  serious steps to protect the interests of citizens on both sides of the Una. It is especially important to timely inform the public to participate in decision-making, and that the process is transparent, both in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is why the Center for Environment with the relevant authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina insists that the process of public presentations and public participation is started in our country.

04 Mar 2016