Initiative OUR SPACE

Initiative Our space was launched in 2013 by the Centre for Environment and was created as a reaction to the events related to the so-called “ Picin Park “and as a reaction to the currently unsatisfactory conditions and management  of public space in Banja Luka.

What is particularly alarming over the last few years is the accelerated trend of planned destruction of urban green areas and the conversion of public surfaces to surfaces that citizens can no longer use or have to pay to use them.

The main objective of this initiative is greater citizen participation in the process of drafting and adopting spatial planning documentation, ranging from individual parcels, through local communities to city territory.

Our initiative deals with open public and common spaces. Not because we consider them qualitatively more important to the lives of citizens, but because it is much harder and more expensive to return to their original state once they are destroyed. That is why we hope that citizens will recognize the importance of engaging in decision-making on space management in our city, and will take initiatives to let the dislocated areas be given new uses and be accessible to all citizens.

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