CZZS | Primary school students of Banja Luka in the struggle to preserve rivers!
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Primary school students of Banja Luka in the struggle to preserve rivers!

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Over the past three months, Center for Environment and the Environmental Department of Vodovod a.d. Banja Luka have been working intensively with the ecological teams of five selected primary schools of Banja Luka region’s and through the lectures and joint work they have created solutions to some of the biggest problems facing our rivers, primarily with pollution from solid waste and waste waters.

“Working with schools has been a great challenge, especially if we take into account that not all schools are in equal position (number of students, capacities, as well as materials for work). The students were energetic and persistant to create what they imagined, and we were particularly pleased to recognize and feel the teams and team spirit. We hope that through this project we have inspired at least a few future environmental fighters, which are less and less present in our society,” said Aleksandar Škorić from Center for Environment.

The activities of the project “Save our rivers, save Vrbas” began in March, at the manifestation on the World Water Day, and continued by including all Banja Luka students in the creative expression and presentation of problems and protection of water as one of the most important resources of today. The activities were continued with active work with ecological teams.

“By the results, through work, education and socializing with these young people, we concluded that we have achieved the basic goal of the project, which is to encourage our youngest generation to pay attention to the importance of preserving the world arounds us. We feel that we can be satisfied because not only do they think about the preservation of our rivers, but also new generations of ecologists have started to react in their own way,” said Marijana Bijelić from Vodovod a.d. Banja Luka.

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The exhibition of the works of selected primary schools participating in the second phase of the project (PS Ivo Andrić, PS Aleksa Šantić, PS Branko Radičević, PS Stanko Rakita and PS Branislav Nušić) will be open on Monday, December 11 starting at 12.00 h in the premises of the Museum of Republic of Srpska while voting will be possible by Thursday, December 14.

“The interesting thing that separates this from other similar exhibitions is that every visitor will be able to vote for the best work in the above mentioned period, so we invite all of our citizens to visit the exhibition and see the messages children are trying to send us,” said Zorana Kuzmanović from Vodovod a.d. Banja Luka.

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Award ceremony will take place in the premises of the Museum of Republika Srpska on Friday, December 15, starting at 12h.

“Our rivers are under increasing threat and as one of the richest countries with clean drinking water we must not allow this resource, but also the sphere of life, to become polluted, destroyed or disappear. By educating our youngest citizens and developing their critical thinking about this issue, we direct the generations that will preserve our nature and ultimately ourselves,” said Iva Miljević from Center for Environment.

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The project is realized by “Vodovod” a.d. Banja Luka and Center for Environment, and is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


08 Dec 2017