“Solarna Pecka” is an initiative  and campaign started by Center for Environment – Friends of the Earth B&H and Visitor Center Pecka aiming to bring a clean and sustainable solar energy to Pecka village through a citizen’s community direct engagement and financing model. This campaign was launched today.

This is our story

There is one source of energy clean, sustainable and available for all, which does not contribute to climate change, does not pollute air or water and which is friendly towards our health and our environment.  That’s solar energy.

There is a sustainable way of producing warmth and electricity from renewable energy sources, open, participative, local and accessible for all. That’s prosuming & community energy.

There is a village between the mountains where the Sana river is born, gifted with sun and natural wonders, home to good people. That’s Pecka.


There is one project wanting to bring people, wellness, sustainability and development back to Pecka, making it more accessible for everybody to enjoy it, more environmentally friendly, promoting and educating on the value of nature and rural communities. That’s “Visitor centar Pecka”.

There is one non-governmental organization working already 20 years in nature and environmental protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, determined to empower B&H society’s decarbonization and energy transition towards more efficient, sustainable and decentralized energy production and consumption, based in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s real sustainable energy sources potentials as sun or wind. That’s Center for Environment (CZZS)/Friends of the Earth B-H.

And there is one way of putting all these together: Solar energy prosuming in Pecka in the context of the rural sustainable tourism project “Visitor centar Pecka”, with the local community, respecting their environment, promoting nature and biodiversity protection, and contributing both to sustainable development and climate crisis global challenges. That’s the initiative we have called “Solarna Pecka”.

Visitor center Pecka and CZZS have joined forces with citizens from all B&H, Europe and the world, citizens like you, who care for health living conditions without air or water pollution: Together with you, those who want to get engaged and play his/her part in the fight against the climate change, we want to make this initiative possible.

That’s why we are starting this crowdfunding campaign giving you the chance to participate in this solar prosuming rural community sustainable development pilot project in B&H.

Our goal: 6,000 $

The campaign goal is to install in the centre’s roof a system of solar thermal collectors and solar panels to produce warmth and electricity in the roof Visitor Center Pecka, which is settled in Pecka village, near Mrkonjić Grad.

The minimum amount to reach with this campaign is 3,000 $, which will allow us to install solar thermal collectors to warm 300 l water.

Reaching our goal, 6,000 $, will allow us to install also part of the Photovoltaic panels system for producing electricity.

For being able to install the full PV system (5,4 kWp) on Visitor Center’s roof and fulfilling our purpose, an amount of 13,000 $ is needed, with is actually our final goal. In the case that we do not reach it in this first campaign, we will completed it with future campaigns and actions.

Why to be part of this campaign?

Many are the reasons why it is worth to be part of this campaign and make solar prosuming in Pecka possible, regarding that energy self-production and consumption from sustainable energy sources means both an environmental benefit (less environmental impact, increased sustainability) and economical benefit (reduced energy expenses).

This is directly translated in a social benefit for the local community, both in terms of more financial resources for community development activities and more global sustainability for the Visitor center and its projects in the community, including the improvement of the energy autonomy and security of the center and the village itself (making it all, in the end, as a whole, more climate resilient).

We believe this project is highly relevant for Bosnia & Herzegovina presenting a good practise example of:

– Sustainable rural development local business, which promotes innovative, alternative, sustainable activities responsible towards the environment and the local community, and new business models in rural communities.

– Prosuming, energy self-production and consumption from sustainable energy sources, empowering the development of sustainable citizens’ owned energy production based in renewable sources in B&H

– Crowdfunding, promoting citizens’ engagement and direct participation in social issues alternatives and solutions together with CSOs, through alternative financing models.

You can be also part if this initiative, get engaged and contribute with this campaign! Join us to bring the sun to Pecka!

Power Solarna Pecka! More information you can find here.

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