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Ugar is a destroyed River, not an untouched nature

A few days ago, an informal gathering was held, which brought together numerous politicians, diplomats, ambassadors, representatives of relevant institutions, representatives of courts and public figures of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the “Nezavisne novine” [1]next to the untouched nature on the river Ugar ,…

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Support for the activists from Honduras

Today the Centre for Environment supported the organization COPINH from Honduras, menaged by Berta Cáceres, an activist for human rights and the environment, which is due to the struggle to defend the river Gualcarque of Agua Zarca dams, killed on March 3, 2016 in her…

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Bee-eaters are neither tropical nor invasive species

Reaction to the article published in Nezavisne Novine After Nezavisne novine 03.06.2016. published the article “Tropical birds eating Sana bees”, three environmental organizations from BiH sent their response. The text superficially and sensationally represents bee-eaters as a tropical bird, which is a threat to bees….

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„Natural monument Mišarica“ – 9 years in waiting Celebration of International Biodiversity Day

At International Biodiversity Day, members of Center for Environment visited the cave Mišarica near Banjaluka and pointed out insufficient protection and preservation of the subterranean ecosystems, which are the centers of karst diversity, but unfortunately threaten to be destructed. This year’s Biodiversity Day we dedicate…

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Stopping hydropower plant Prizren Grad on river Sana

Small victories for preservation of the entire Sana basin Guided by the example of hydropower plant “Medna”, company d.o.oElektrik from Banja Luka tried to getpermission for Environmental Impact Assessment forhydropower plant “PrizrenGrad – Sana 2″, planned in the municipalities Ribnik and Mrkonjic Grad, on the…

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GMO amandment- our right to know and decide

Center for Environment from Banjaluka organized the round table „Ratification of the GMO amandment“ at the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo, in collaboration with the GMO Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the round table participated the members of the GMO Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina,…

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Be an example, take care of the packaging waste

Center for Environment held a workshop on packaging waste management in National park Sutjeska, featuring basic information on packaging waste, its management, the legislative framework in Republic of Srpska and the region, as well as guidelines and good practices that could be used in future…

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