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Europe against 10 year licence for glyphosate

The proposal of the European Commission to renew use of the controversial herbicide glyphosate for another ten years, didn’t get sufficient support at member states voting on October 25th. There is an assumption that European Commission will be forced to negotiate with member states about …

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Glyphosate- the poison around us

Celebrating World Food Day, 16th of October, we launched the online questionnaire asking for public opinion about the use of controversial herbicide glyphosate. Center for the Environment invites all the citizens to fill the questionary via link and QR code, and to express their opinion…

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Terror over the Kruščica people

This morning at the crack of dawn, riot police violently removed anti-hydropower protesters in the village of Kruščica near Vitez, Bosnia-Herzegovina, causing serious injury to several people. The protesters neither provoked nor resisted the police but were nevertheless forcibly removed in order to allow access…

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