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Save Sana – Stop Kelag!

From the sources of the river Sana, more than 200 kayakers and environmentalists have declared that they will not give up the fight Today, more than 200 people, including kayakers, anglers, local people and environmentalists, have protested at the international protest against the hydropower plant…

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Destruction of Sana right now

So far the construction of hydropower Medna showed a number of shortcomings and critical misses, and the Coalition for the Protection of Sana river have again addressed the Inspectorate of Republic of Srpska. At the construction site of hydroelectric power plant Medna, we found that…

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Better days for the brown bear in Republic of Srpska

Two-day workshop on the management of the bears brought together experts for large carnivores, government representatives, NGOs, hunters, forestry inspectors and international experts, who laid the foundations of long-term protection of this species in Republic of Srpska. Jasmin Pašić, Center for Environment: “After the case…

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