Center for the life environment started the realization of a regional project „Our town, our scene“. The goal of the activities which we are going to implement in Banja Luka is to carry out a series of creative, socially engaged interventions, in accordance with the suggestions of the users of those surfaces, cooperating with the creative teams in the field of urban design and art. 

The project is being implemented in four cities in the region, in partnership with the Belgrade Festival of flowers, Arch common- Centre for architecture and culture from Podgorica and the Coalition for sustainable development in Skopje. The project is funded by the Balkan Foundation for art and culture, and it is also supported by the Switzerland Agency for development and cooperation and European Cultural Foundation (ECF). Through the series of creative interventions, we seek for innovative and participatory solutions of improvement of public spaces and the usage of common goods as a Center for culture and art. With the support of the citizens, young professionals, and artists, as well as representatives of the city authorities, we will try to establish good practice and a permanent network for the exchange of experiences in Banja Luka and the region. 

An important part of the project is an interactive internet platform, a tool which will enable the users to quickly and easily map the places and spaces in the city, and identify their needs in those. Data taken trough platforms will enable those citizens who are interested in the project to articulate their initiatives, and creative artists in the field of urban art along with them to come up with the solutions to restore this area to the citizens. 

We believe that the good management of the common areas and creative processes that in this matter include the community foster the social connections that help us shape the unique cultural identity of the city. 

There is no ongoing projects in "Our space" programme at the moment.

Besides projects defined by programmes, Center for environment is actively working on other topics in the field of environment and on networking with other organizations at the regional and international level. In the section "Other Projects" we are presenting projects which are not related to the specific program.

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