CZZS | No support for five year licence for glyphosate in the EU

No support for five year licence for glyphosate in the EU

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EU member states didn’t support European commissions changed proposal about extension for 5 years of the licence for glyphosate use, last Thursday, 9th November 2017. This proposal came after member states refused to support the extension of the licence for ten years, 24th of October. The proposal was refused by Belgium, Greece, Croatia, France, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta and Austria, while Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal remained abstained.

European commission announced that will try to solve this situation at the appeal committee for food safety before the 22nd of November. If member states do not find compromise at this committee, European commission has the right to force the decision without the consent of the member states. However, this would be a scandal.

Scandalous was the revelation that European Food Safety Agency, which stated that glyphosate is not carcinogenic, copied its risk assessment report from Monsanto’s report, the biggest glyphosate producer, as well as evidences that Monsanto influenced regulatory agencies. With all these controversies, the European commission is still trying to force the extension of glyphosate licence.

The extension of glyphosate licence was declined by voting six times, since March 2016. Valid licence expires 15th December this year. In December expires licence for glyphosate use in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well, and there is no doubt that what happens in the EU will influence the decision in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.


15 Nov 2017