The Center for Environment organized a workshop in Banja Luka on the planning of urban campaigns in local communities. The workshop, which was realized in cooperation with One Street from Prescott, Arizona and supported by Trust for Mutual Understanding, gathered individuals and representatives of the organizations from five local communities: Banja Luka, Zenica, Gorazde, Trebinje and Glamoc. During the workshop, from October 5 to October 7, a total of six campaigns were designed.

Campaigns included a diverse range of goals, from improving cycling infrastructure in local communities, through increasing social cohesion, to action on municipal authorities to build a functional landfill. The purpose of the workshop was to strengthen the advocacy capacity of the leaders of these campaigns towards the local government.

Local campaigners from Banja Luka, Dragan Kabić and Dragana Skenderija, lead a campaign on moving out illegally parked motor vehicles from bicycle paths.

After the workshop, from October 8 to 13, a team from the Center for the Environment and One Street visited individuals and organizations in the mentioned local communities in order to determine the situation on the ground and to elaborate the campaigns in more detail.

Our team stayed in Zenica on October 8th and 9th, where we were hosted by Redžib Skomorac and Majda Ibraković from the Association of Citizens ‘Nature and Society’, with whom we established irregularities in the existing bicycle infrastructure in the city of Zenica. Irregularities imply more problems: from the illegality of the cycling infrastructure to the practical problems that have arisen by moving the cyclists from the traffic to the pedestrian paths, ergo by marking the bicycle lanes on a pedestrian path instead of on a motor vehicle lanes.

In Gorazde, the team met with Ervin Dervišević and Damir Milijanović from citizens’ initiative Erdago and campaign leaders who advocate for the solution of the problem of wild dumps around Gorazde, and the making of a legal, sanitary and functional landfill. The meeting was also attended by Alen Selimovic, President of the local community of Goražde II.

p style=”text-align: justify;”>The next two days, October 10 and 11, meetings are continued in Trebinje. The cause of staying in this city for two days is not its beauty, but the number of campaigns. Blagoje Rosandić and Dejan Čučković from the Leotar bicycle club are leading a campaign promoting the enhancement of bicycle infrastructure in the city of Trebinje, while Aleksandar Vukanović from the CORIE citizens’ association is working to advocate the construction of a bicycle path that would follow the old narrow-gauge railroad in the vicinity of Trebinje.

The next day, on October 12, the team goes to the last destination: Glamoč. Siniša Šolak and Rane Radoje from the Busija mountaineering club and web site drivers ‘Glamoč on the palm’, are leading a campaign that needs to improve social cohesion in this local community, by organizing a permanent ethnological setting that will improve the tourist offer, but also through work on it and learning through it – will bring citizens closer to each other.


The Center for the Environment and One Street will continue to support these campaigns in the upcoming period. You can also find more details on the One Street website at this link:

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