CZZS | Let’s meet rivers and lakes od National park Sutjeska in order to preserve them

Let’s meet rivers and lakes od National park Sutjeska in order to preserve them

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Three new informative boards have been set up at Tjentište in order to educate tourists and all present about Park hydrography, the living world, threats and the importance of water conservation.

“We have been working with National Park Sutjeska for many years, on various aspects of protection, but also the promotion of the beauty of our oldest protected area. Sutjeska is visited by more than 20,000 tourists annualy and it is extremely important to produce materials that will simultaneously give them meaningful information, attract them and leave nature in a preserved state, ” said Iva Miljević from Center for Environment.

Center will soon publish a new publication with the results of scientific research of five lakes of the Park, and will once again confirm the biodiversity and uniqueness of the living water world of this protected area.

“The visits to Sutjeska National Park grows year after year. Last year we had guests from all continents and we are confident that this tradition will continue. With such a large number of people, preserving the values of the Park represents a real challenge that we have to work harder on and strive to show them, through the various materials, the beauty of the park and the importance of responsible behavior in such a valuable area, ” said Dejan Pavlović, director of the National park Sutjeska.

The production of informative boards was realized within the project “Strengthening public awareness of the importance and protection of water at the territory of NP Sutjeska”, supported by Environmentalal Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund of Republic of Srpska.

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28 Jul 2017