The Center for the Environment presented a new Analysis of the Economic feasibility study for the construction of a new block of Gacko thermal power plant 2. Analysis was presented at the press conference by Duška Kudra, representativeof the Center, Damir Miljević, author of the Analysis, and Milanka Kovačević, a journalist and activist from Gacko.


“Citizens rarely decides to say anything against the existing thermal power plant and pollution that comes with it, and the reaction in the form of protest does not exist. In Gacko we don’t even have association with focus on environmental issues. Gacko thermal power plant has completely changed the appearance of Gacko since 1984. and irreversibly polluted the environment,  including air, water and land. On the other hand, the atmosphere in society is such that this problem was not discussed with arguments but with emotions. For example, it is presented like this:  whether we will have a thermal power plant or we will remain without existence. Although Gacko’s thermal power plant produces 1/3 electricity in the Republic of Srpska, it is still a big loser. In essence, the only aspect of this problem is how to operate an existing thermal power plant in an environmentally friendly manner, rather than investing in new plants,”, said Milanka Kovačević, a journalist from Gacko.



The study we analyzed was methodologically well done and in accordance with the legal regulations and rules of the profession, but on the other hand, the aim of this Analysis was to determine the validity of the input parameters used in the Study.


“Three of five parameters presented in this study do not concern real numbers, which directly affects the final outcome of the cost-effectiveness of this project. If real parameters were applied, it would have been obvious that this project is completely socially and economically unjustified”, says Damir Miljević, author of the Analysis.



According to the calculation presented in the Study, neto profit of realization of this project would amount to 45.930.397 KM per year. If the real data is included, the profit does not exist! In that case, we could only talk about the annual loss of the company that will amount to a minimum of 2.396.419 KM.


“It is clear that there is no common sense in the construction of a new block of Gacko 2 power plant. The government should invest money in improving the operation of the existing thermal power plant and to reduce the level of pollution” , said Duška Kudra, campaign coordinator.



You can download the entire Analysis on this link:

© photos: Aleksandar Saša Škorić

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