The „Stop dirty energy – because the future is renewable“ campaign



The campaign “Stop dirty energy – because the future is renewable” aims to draw the attention of citizens, experts, relevant institutions and other social actors to the worrying state of the environment and the unsustainability of the current energy systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Campaign was jointly launched by Center for Environment from Banja Luka and Center for Ecology and Energy from Tuzla. The particularity of this campaign it is its multidisciplinary approach to the issue. Aware of the fact that the way our society and all of its segments work/function is highly dependent on the electricity system, but also of the fact that the problems of coal combustion for the purpose of electricity production are also diverse and complex, in this campaign we have to look at these issues from several angles. Center for Environment and Center for Ecology and Energy are actively monitoring the projects for the construction of new thermal power plants or new blocks in the existing coal-fired power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, analyzing all the steps in the legal procedures, especially in relation to the environmental impact assestment and the compliance with national and international legislation in environmental protection, reacting to all irregularities. At the same time, we are also conducting a public campaign aimed at raising awareness about the negative aspects of coal-fired thermal energy from health, environmental and economic considerations. We also work on the promotion of sustainable energy systems based mainly on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

The points of view and demands arising from the campaign, directed towards the competent institutions in BiH, are the following:

  • we expect institutions to finally begin to respect the undertaken international obligations in the field of energy,
  • we demand that, when deciding on new energy production capacities, the used energy sources actual prices (which include inhabitants‘ health and environmental damage) are presented in the economic analyzes of those new projects and investments.
  • To abandon new thermal-power plants construction plans, turning instead to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

 We urge the competent institutions to base the existing and future energy strategies on sustainable energy sources and energy efficiency instead of dirty and non-renewable energy sources. We believe that only by changing the current strategies and policies can be possible to avoid a future of high electricity prices, energy instability due to energy sources shortages, destroyed environment and affeted human health. We advocate for a future in which both the planet and its inhabitants live healthy, using a stable energy system which do not depend on the ever-smaller quantities of dirty and dangerous fossil fuels. We invite all those who share our goals and demands to join us in this campaign!


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