Solarna Pecka: Crowfunding campaign for bringing solar energy to Pecka village


The initiative “Solarna Pecka” has been started by Visitor Center Pecka and Center for Environment/Friends of the Earth Bosnia-Herzegovina in may 2019. The “Coalition for Sana”, which long time works in the protection of this area, is also included.

In the context of this initiative we are launching together an online crowdfunding campaign, aiming to raise the funds needed for building up a solar thermal collectors and solar panels system in the roof of Visitor Center Pecka.

Visitor Center Pecka is settled in the village of Pecka, near Mrkonjić Grad. The building was actually the old village school which, with the support of the Mrkonjić Grad municipality, was given in use to a group of enthusiasts and nature and village lovers, who refurbished it to work as center for rural sustainable tourism. The center counts on with dormitory rooms, cooking & dining facilities, and meetings-seminars-socializing spaces.

Within the Center’s offer bike-rental is available, as well as organized day-trips to Sana’s springs and different family happenings, served with local healthy food. This center has full support from the Mrkonjić Grad municipality and all the Pecka village inhabitants, which happily get themselves involved with the center’s work, contributing to this successful story.

Thanks both to the effort and love invested in this center, it has quickly become a must-visit spot in the map of many tourists, adventurers, families which look for short day-trips into the nature as well as a destination for many school-trips and visits from B&H and international guests.

The Center also hosts a two-day OUTDOOR festival which brings together families with children from all over Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a socially responsible and sustainable tourist product that, by popularizing the beautiful Pecka, promotes active and healthy life, cycling, hiking and natural beauty, and empowers the local economy and promotes the development of the complete region.

Center for Environment cooperates with Visitor Center Pecka since its very foundation and together we have decided to make this successful story even more successful by promoting renewable energy sources and investing in a sustainable future with the “Solarna Pecka” initiative.

In this context, our first step is focused in making solar prosuming possible in Pecka, through installing Solar thermal collectors and PV panels for producing warmth and electricity in the roof of Visitor Center Pecka.

Solar energy is nowadays not only a future perspective but a reality in many parts of the world. With a prosuming example in Pecka we want to promote and foster this sustainable energy source, demonstrating that in Bosnia and Herzegovina energy can also be obtained from the sun.

Beside that, we will add to the Visitor center a new socio-educative dimension as example of using the sun for producing energy with the direct participation of citizens and private entities through the singular “crowdfunding” model. The positive outcomes from this campaign will be directly enjoyed by the local community and all visitors and users of this center’s services.

All details about this campaign can be found in the campaign’s Indiegogo web page.



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