Save Sana River


Centre for Environment, together with the Coalition for Protection of rivers, has been opposing the construction of the “Medna” hydroelectric power plant in the upper river Sana since 2009.

Investor “LSB Elektrane” from Banja Luka has attempted to build a small hydroelectric power plant (MHE) “Medna” at the very source of the Sana river. The construction started, despite the fact that the spatial plan of Republic Srpska and of  the upper stream of Sana river, is foreseen as a Nature Park, and the Sana sources are under a strict regime of protection due to their natural and environmental values. The RS Government adopted a Regulation on Water Classification and Watercourse Categorization, whereby Sana river is classified into the first category. Only 3 rivers in RS are in this category. The Institutefor the Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of the RS has submitted a professional opinion with 10 reasons why small hydro power plant should not be built on the river Sana.

The concession was resold to the concessionaire “EHE doo” from Banja Luka, which, like the previous concessionaires, does not possess an environmental permit or a building permit, which has violated the Environmental Protection Law, the Law on Spatial Planningand Construction, the Concession Law and many other regulations of Republic Srpska.



Also, it is important to note that from the beginning:

  • the local population was strongly opposing to the construction of the hydro power plant at a public hearing on the environmental impact assessment of the small hydro power plant;
  • the municipality of Ribnik, on whose territory the source of the Sana River is located, have been opposing the construction of the small hydro power plant;
  • The Institute for the Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of the RS on two occasions gave a negative opinion of the plans for the construction of the SHPP, as this area had already been proposed for the  Nature Park, where the upper stream of Sana River had a ‘strict regime of protection’;

Regrettably, the competent institutions, notably the Republic Srpska Inspectorate, have so far not reacted and stopped further illegal destruction of the Sana river source, and the Sana Protection Coalition is forced to fight for Sana in this way. The battle for Sana is also our struggle for the future of this country and our offspring, and we will not compromise, nor give up.

Coalition for the Sana

“The Coalition for the Sana Protection” is an informal group of citizen associations currently consisted of 22 civic associations whose goals are to cease plans for the construction of hydro power plants on the Sana River and the sustainable use of Sana river’s  water resources. The Coalition for the Protection of the Sana is made up of associations: the Ecological Movement ‘Zelenkovac’, the Vrbljanac Association, the Vidik Forestry Association, the Centre for Environment, the ‘Čičak’ Mountain Association, the Ecological Society ‘Vrbljanski Pearls’, the Association of Mushroom and Nature Lover, Mrkonjić Grad, Sustainable Development Association ‘Green Trails’, Association of Parents with four and more children’ Lav ‘,’ Sana ‘sport fishermen’s association, Mountaineer-ecological society’ Kanjon ‘, Vitorog Mountain Sports Association, Youth Associations’ Youth Centre ‘, Students’ Organization PMF, Association of Independent Creators and Activists ‘Geto’, Gora Mountain Association, ‘Sanus’ Citizens ‘Association, Citizens’ Association Iskra Lives, Telekom-Poštar Mountain Sports Association, Luna Responsible Democracy Centre and the Student Organization of the University of Banja Luka.

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