Campaign – Ask me why I’m riding a bike without a helmet



The campaign was launched in 2011 for the purpose of amending Article 102 of the Law on Traffic Safety on the roads of B&H, which defined the obligatory of wearing a cycling helmet.

After six years of running this campaign, we managed to throw out the helmets from the Law and thus made a precedent that is a positive example in the whole world.

We believe that this is just the beginning in promoting the use of bicycles as a means of transport, and increasing the safety of bicyclists in traffic.

Citizens can now choose whether or not they want to wear a safety helmet.

All this time, mandatory cycle helmet laws undermined efforts to increase cycling by making riding a bike seem more dangerous than it is, then putting the blame on cyclists if a crash does occur. 

This returns the focus from reducing the consequences of crashes, to minimizing the causes of traffic crashes. Cycling has been incorrectly presented as a dangerous activity.

In fact, the health benefits of the daily use of the bicycle outweigh the traffic risks by around twenty-to-one.

We invite all those who stopped using the bicycle due to the helmet law to return to it, to respect traffic rules and enjoy all the benefits that cycling provides.

The big business is just waiting for us, but this step was one of the most important!


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