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Glyphosate- the poison around us

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Celebrating World Food Day, 16th of October, we launched the online questionnaire asking for public opinion about the use of controversial herbicide glyphosate. Center for the Environment invites all the citizens to fill the questionary via link and QR code, and to express their opinion about the use of glyphosate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Glyphosate is the worlds best selling herbicide, and the International Agency for Research of Carcinom classified it as a probable carcinogen, based on published studies. European Food Safety Agency and European Chemicals Agency opposed this classification, taking into consideration unpublished studies by glyphosate manufactures. European Union still hasn’t made a decision whether the use of glyphosate will be approved after December 2017.

Center for the Environment in September randomly selected food samples in Banja Luka, and five samples have been analyzed for glyphosate residues in the certified laboratory. All the samples had glyphosate level lower than 0.1 mg/kg, which is the maximal allowed level of glyphosate in food, according to law.

„We owe these results to the fact that genetically modified crops are forbidden in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and glyphosate is used mostly on them. However, the use of glyphosate is also huge in the orchards, fields before and after harvest, public places, etc. So, we need to ask ourselves how much are humans, but also flora and fauna, exposed to this herbicide and should it be used any more“, stated Marina Kuburić, from Center for the Environment.

The studies in Europe showed small levels of glyphosate in many products, such as beer and flour, and we are exposed to this probably carcinogenic herbicide in the parks, streets etc. Also, glyphosate is found in the urine of 43.9%  tested Europeans. Overall exposition can be dangerous to human health, so Center for the Environment thinks that the licence for glyphosate use in Bosnia and Herzegovina shouldn’t be extended after the December 2017.

„ Europe is aware of this problem, so many countries, like Italy, are forbidding glyphosate use for public places, while France plans to ban it completely till 2022, no matter what European Commission will decide. This is the way for Bosnia and Herzegovina to follow, in order to protect our citizens and biodiversity“, concluded Viktor Bjelić, vice president of Center for the Environment.

The campaign is conducted with the help of GEKKO and Grassroots foundations from Germany.




Marina Kuburić,, 065 379 348


Viktor Bjelić,, 065 444 454



20 Oct 2017