Four ecological organizations from the Republic of Srpska have supported the work of the Coalition without Fur, which for months has been trying to stop changes to the Animal Protection and Welfare Act, which would extend the deadline for closing the fur farm for another ten years. Environment Center, Eko Put, LIR evolution and Society for Biodiversity Research and Protection have today sent a letter to the Club of Serbian People at the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH to vote against amending the law as they voted last time.

“After the adoption of the Law of 2009 which was  a positive example of making the limitation of animal breeding for fur, this change of law is a step backwards for BiH as a country and for the whole society. The existing law is a bright example of good practice and has served other countries to initiate similar changes” said Natasa Crnković of the Center for Environment.

The fur industry is one of the worst branches of the economy. It is dirty, dangerous, polluting the environment (water, soil and air), economically unprofitable, outdated and extremely unethical. To earn the personal interests of those who in the cruel and extremely polluting way ruin not only the environment, but also the direct health of people, are we to leave the standpoints behind which we have been standing for and of which we were proud of?



“We support this initiative primarily because of the problems of breeding foreign species that are a threat to our nature, and in this case the environmental risk is too big. We have many negative examples of spreading invasive foreign species such as nutrition, bourgeois rats, American vultures, and others that cause economic damage and suppress domestic species” added Jovica Sjeničić from the Society for Research and Protection of Biodiversity.

“We are aware of the strong lobbying that triggered these shameful changes to the law, but we recognize our determination and will, which have been in the last vote demonstrated, thus protecting the interests of the Republic of Srpska and its citizens. Wider community is also protected this time” reads the letter to the Club of Serbian People at the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH.

Parties from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina have generally favored centralist politics by declaratively claiming to represent the interests of all citizens of BiH, but in practice they are brutally fighting for the interests of foreign lobbies, as opposed to the interests and rights of these same citizens.

The next vote on this law is scheduled for 8.11.2017.

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