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Europe bowed down under the pressure from corporations

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European Union countries had bowed down under the pressure from European commission and multinational corporations and in the last moment have extended the license for the use of glyphosate on the period of the next five years. With this decision they have ignored the resolution of the European Parliament about the complete phase-out of glyphosate on farms by the year 2020, and also the resolution about the ban of using glyphosate in public spaces.

The extension of the usage has been approved by the vote from Germany, which used to be abstained on the same proposal before. This has caused a scandal, because the German minister of agriculture supported the proposal in spite of disapproval from the German minister for environment. Vote against extension of this permit was voted by France, Greece, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Malta and Austria while Portugal was abstained. France has stated that regardless of this decision on European level they plan to completely forbid usage of glyphosate in the period of three years.

Adrian Bebb, from Friends of the Earth Europe commented on this voting : ”Glyphosate damages nature, probably causes cancer, and supports industrial agriculture which degrades soil that is necessary for us. Todays approval, even only for 5 years, is a missed opportunity to get rid of this risky herbicide and to start freeing farmers from the vicious circle of chemicals. Five more years of glyphosate will endanger our health and environment, and that is a huge step backwards for sustainable agriculture methods.”

Permit for use of glyphosate in Bosnia and Herzegovina will expire in December of 2017.

01 Dec 2017

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