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Europe against 10 year licence for glyphosate

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The proposal of the European Commission to renew use of the controversial herbicide glyphosate for another ten years, didn’t get sufficient support at member states voting on October 25th. There is an assumption that European Commission will be forced to negotiate with member states about  licence for shorter period, five to seven years.

The support to ten year licence was denied by Belgium, Greece, Croatia, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Austria, Slovenia and Sweden, while Portugal and Germany remained restrained.

Earlier this week, the European Parliament voted the resolution that asks for complete glyphosate ban till 2022, with partial ban this year.

Over one million European citizens signed the petition that asks for the ban of glyphosate, world best selling herbicide, that the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared as a probable carcinogen.

These events in the European Union should encourage Bosnia and Herzegovina not to renew the licence for this herbicide, that is expiring in December 2017.



27 Oct 2017