Developing the traffic infrastructure by the needs of the vehicles

In Banja Luka’s „Gave Vučković “ street started the works on the construction of parking spaces for cars in the area between road, walking trail and cycling trail. The contractor removed the grass layer and trees, and in this way, yet another green space of the city which also protected the pedestrians and cyclists from the mindless drivers…

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World city planning day-Banja Luka is being built, but the plans are adopted subsequently

Center for the environment on the occasion of world’s day of city planning warned about the increasingly common trend of unplanned construction in Banja Luka. In fact, over the past few years, more and more city officials are allowing investors to start the construction without the necessary documentation obtained previously.  „The authorities allowed the investor to start demolition and constructing on the area of the former Radio Banja Luka without previously obtaining…

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„Our City, our scene“- Regional project dedicated to the creative transformation of urban public surfaces

Center for the life environment started the realization of a regional project „Our town, our scene“. The goal of the activities which we are going to implement in Banja Luka is to carry out a series of creative, socially engaged interventions, in accordance with the suggestions of the users of those surfaces, cooperating with the creative teams in…

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Another victory for Kruščica

The Kruščica villagers today again prevented the investor from entering the Kruscica river basin and starting construction of Kruščica 1 hydropower plant. Around 200 villagers and their neighbors from the surrounding area blocked the passage for the machines and thus managed to protect the river…

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Generations sentenced to death

(Cover photo © Vladimir Tadić) During the previous months representatives of the Center for Environment talked with locals of vulnerable local communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina located near thermal power plants. Plants whose work is justified by the production of electricity are at the same time one…

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