Name of the organisation: Center for Environment
Project title:   Preserving Sava River Basin Habitats through Transnational Management of Invasive Alien Species (Sava TIES) within Danube Transnational Cooperation Programme Sector: Biodiversity and protected areas
Location Cost of the action


Role:  Coordinator,

co-beneficiary, affiliated entity

Donors to the action (name) Amount contributed (by donor) Dates
Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia & Bosnia and Herzegovina Total project budget: 1.604.137,00 €

CZZS budget: 133.300,00 €  

Project partner ERDF, IPA ERDF: 845.062,35 €

IPA: 518.454,1 €

01/06/2018 – 31/05/2021
Objectives and results of the action Project objective is  to reduce  habitat fragmentation  and improve the connectivity  of the transnational Sava River  basin (SRB) ecological corridor by  developing cross-sectoral measures for monitoring, controlling   and eradication of invasive alien species in the protected  areas network of the SRB.

Project activities:

Strengthening SavaParks

• Establishment of cross-sectoral stakeholder committees

• Trainings and study visits for the transfer of good practice on IAS management from other areas

• Preparation of the SavaParks network afterproject Roadmap

• Establishing Online Services to improve the IAS management

Transnational Invasive Alien Species Management Approach

• Development of protocols for IAS mapping and monitoring

• Mapping of IAS in the SRB

• Preparation of a study on land-use practices and a risk assessment study for key IAS along the SRB

Pilot Implementation

• Planning and implementation of measures for the eradication of IAS in pilot areas along the SRB

Policy Uptake

• Preparation of policy recommendations to include in strategic documents

• Trainings on the use of Strategic Framework for IAS management

• Policy impact actions


• Project promotion and IAS topic education

• Communication strategy preparation IAS are identified as one of the most significant • Public awareness raising


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