Name of the organisation: Center for Environment
Project title: Dinaric Brown Bear Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina Program: Biodiversity and protected areas
Location of the action Cost of the action (EUR) lead manager or partner Donors to the action (name) Amount contributed (by donor) Dates
Bosnia and Herzegovina 100.070 Lead manager Euronatur 100.070 1st January 2018 – 31st December 2020
Objectives and results of the action Objectives:– By middle of 2019 the population status of Brown Bear in BiH and MNE is evaluated and a professional monitoring sytem is established

– By 2020, BiH and MNE have a national Bear Management Plan (and the neccessary structures for its implementation)

– By 2020, BiH and MNE have a functional and professional Bear Emergency Team

– By 2020, the public in BiH and MNE is informed about the project and engaged in volunteer activities (genetic sampling)

– By the end of 2020, crossborder cooperation between countries of the Dinarides is established and strives for a common population based bear (LC) management

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