City of Banja Luka on Friday March 30th has put into operation a new bicycle infrastructure, a Bike – sharing system called “BL bike”. Banja Luka City Administration financed four terminals at various locations in the city with a total of 30 bicycles that should, first and foremost, to replace usage of motor vehicles for trips in the city center. This will be also an interesting offer for all tourists who want to see city from a bicycle.

“At the end of 2016, Center for Environment started this initiative towards the City of Banja Luka, where we presented this type of system and what investment in this system brings to our city when it comes to reducing motorized traffic. In 2017, we had several meetings where we talked about what are the city’s needs, were and which locations should be covered by this system. After that we presented all the companies operating in this area with a bike-share systems, and after releasing tender, they decided for the Nextbike system of public bicycles. We consider that the City has chosen one of the best companies in this region, which covers a total of 150 cities of Western and Central Europe. “- said Tihomir Dakić.


This is the third city in Bosnia and Herzegovina that introduced this system besides Sarajevo and Tuzla, and the first city in Republic of Srpska. City administration officials announced that they will expand this system with two more locations that should strengthen the entire system this year.


“Although the introduction of this system may not seem to be one of the most important priorities, it is nevertheless a potential milestone for the City Administration, which will have to not only proactively run this system and be at the service of all users, but will have to plan carefully the development of the cycling infrastructure. In addition to revitalizing the existing infrastructure and establishing a network of cycling routes that need to continue to develop, one of the initiatives we urgently requested is to connect the whole “eastern transit road” with paths/tracks for cyclists. In the coming period, we expect a series of meetings with City officials where we will transfer all needs of cyclists in our city, and to clarify that bicycle traffic, in addition to the pedestrian one, must be integrated into the existing infrastructure and give it priority especially when it comes to the city’s urban zones. Soon enough, thinking that you will park the car at the entrance to the cafe or some of the institutions will be past. This is the last moment for Banja Luka to finally change its attitude towards traffic, and that pedestrian, cyclist and public transport is placed before motorized traffic. This year, we expect that City authorities will invest in bicycle parking on several places in the city. We have provided the City with information on the locations where the parking lots should be installed, as well as the technical clarification of the type of parking for bicycles. “- added Tihomir.


On the opening of the bike-share system in Banja Luka were present Ahmed Ćerimović – Director of the Nextbike Project for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Krešimir Dvorski – Director of the Public Bicycle System from Nextbike Croatia and Sebastian Schlebusch – Manager of Nextbike from Leipzig.


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