CZZS | Be an example, take care of the packaging waste

Be an example, take care of the packaging waste

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Center for Environment held a workshop on packaging waste management in National park Sutjeska, featuring basic information on packaging waste, its management, the legislative framework in Republic of Srpska and the region, as well as guidelines and good practices that could be used in future management of packaging waste in this national park.

“Our goal is to develop cooperation with the management of the National park, both with the Municipality of Foča and the local population, as well as with companies that deal with recycling, and to develop the practice of waste separation and recycling of packaging waste collected in the Park. We believe that Sutjeska can become an example of a protected area that uses ecological methods of waste management, ” said Iva Miljević from Center for Environment.

Packaging waste is a special category of waste that is becoming a priority issue year after year and an integral part of spatial planning documentation.

Radenka Srndović, Deputy Mayor of Foča Municipality, said: “Waste management in protected areas should be regulated by a special law. As the oldest and most valuable national park, Sutjeska could soon provide an example to other protected areas, but also to municipalities that have not yet regulated the packaging waste management. Educational workshops of this type are necessary in order to involve both the local community and the competent institutions in solving this problem.”



Center for Environment has been active in National Park Sutjeska for a long period of time, with various activities in order to improve the protection of species and habitats and to develop the sustainable use of the potentials that this park offers.

“Adequate packaging waste management, but also waste management in general, is still not entirely solved in the national park, or there is still no possibility for separate collection and recycling of waste. We are very much in favor of supporting the Center’s activities to improve management and protection of Sutjeska. Our resources are not enough to cover all that is needed, and the participation of all interested parties is of great importance, ” said Dejan Pavlović, director of the National park Sutjeska.

The workshop was realized as part of the project “Packaging waste management in National Park Sutjeska ” co-funded by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund of Republic of Srpska.

05 May 2016