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Attitude of candidates on environmental issues

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Centre for Environment spoke to the parties, coalitions and independent candidates in Bosnia and Herzegovina who are in the competing for the support and votes of citizens in local elections in 2016. We gave them questions on the topic of environment and sustainable development, which we believe to be of great importance for the development and future of the local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The questions are regarding topics of energy, using and managing natural resources like water, landscape and mining.

Nataša Crnković from the Center for Environment: “One of the basic questions we asked was whether the candidates in their programs generally have classified environmental protection. It’s time to get this issue addressed more forcefully and for the citizens clearly know who is planning to manage resources and human health and how.”

We wish to inform citizens about the attitudes and intentions of candidates on these issues, because these are the people who will potentially make decisions in our name for the next four years and thus create political, but also economic environment in their communities, which will be conducive to a healthy life or not. The answers will help us to assess what kind of involvement of local authorities on issues concerning the environment we can expect in which local communities in the next four years.

Our intention is to inform the public on responses that we get through media and social networks in the days prior to October 2nd. The public will be informed also on the candidates who do not submit a reply.

We take this opportunity to join appeals to political subjects to respect the legal provisions on advertising during the election campaign. In the current election campaign, it can be noted that a large number of political subjects is in violation of the provisions of the Law on Advertising, which we consider unacceptable.

“If they do not respect the provisions of the law during the election campaign, when trying to present themselves in the best light and get sympathy and votes of citizens, what can we expect from them if they get elected and are in a position to directly influence the law enforcement,” said Nataša Crnković, president of the Center for Environment.

We urge the relevant municipal and city utilities and inspection services to enforce legal provisions and penalize irresponsible participants in the election campaign, because otherwise they also violate laws that require that offenders must be disciplined. We invite citizens to report cases of illegal advertising to the relevant departments.

We remind the public that the posters are only allowed on the designated areas, and that it is prohibited in the buildings of public institutions, health care facilities, cemeteries, memorial parks, monuments, museums, heritage buildings, schools, places of worship, communal facilities and devices used by the public, street lighting and tree lines.

17 Oct 2016