The Kruščica villagers today again prevented the investor from entering the Kruscica river basin and starting construction of Kruščica 1 hydropower plant. Around 200 villagers and their neighbors from the surrounding area blocked the passage for the machines and thus managed to protect the river they have been fighting for over a year .

The contractor came accompanied by about 15 members of the Central Bosnia Canton Ministry of Internal Affairs, and tried to go to the construction site. After several hours of blockades and requests to be shown a warrant for the current action, which the police officers claim to possess, the contractor left the location.

Maida Bilal, Ecological Association Bistro, Kruščica: “Despite all the pressures we are exposed on a daily basis, we do not give up. Today, as other 365 days, we have had our shoulder to shoulder to protect the river. We are looking at this beauty and we have returned all the machines today using all our forces. ”

Although they did not show the warrant to the locals, police officers wrote several penalties to women who prevented the passing of the machines. At that time, the traffic for other vehicles went undisturbed.

The concession for the construction of this hydropower plant is owned by company Genna from Vitez and according to the villagers of this place, the contractor does not have all the necessary permits for the construction of this hydropower plant.

Recall that last year, on 24 August, an incident occurred in this place after members of the Special Police forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central Bosnia Canton early in the morning interrupted the blockade of the bridge and attracted several persons who protested against the construction of the hydropower plant, where several persons were injured.viber image

Jelena Ivanić, Center for Environment: “The Kruščica residents have once again shown that they do not want hydropower plants in their river. We call upon the Central Bosnia Canton government to terminate concessions for these hydropower plants and this is the only outcome that is acceptable in this situation.”

In addition to the 24-hour protest at the bridge, they also run a legal battle that they believe will end in their favor and the concession contracts  for two hydropower plants planned on this river Kruščica 1 and Kruščica 2 be terminate.

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