There is no ongoing projects in "Our space" programme at the moment.

Besides projects defined by programmes, Center for environment is actively working on other topics in the field of environment and on networking with other organizations at the regional and international level. In the section "Other Projects" we are presenting projects which are not related to the specific program.

Ongoing project and activities Completed projects and activities

Coalition for Vrbas consists of 36 associations from Banja Luka. They gathered with one goal - to stop plans for construction of new hydropower plants on the Vrbas River. After the city of Banja Luka did not accept an initiative of the ministry and rejected the plan for the construction of the hydropower plant Krupa on Vrbas, the Coalition welcomed the decision and announced that they will continue with monitoring of those plans in the future.

Recreational zone of Banja Luka is a group of citizens formed with the aim of affirmation and preservation of the only recreational zone of Banja Luka with a clear message – SAY NO TO CARS IN THE RECREATIONAL ZONE! You can follow their activities on their Facebook page".

"Banja Luka's critical mass is a monthly event that gathers bicycle users with the goal of enjoying a bicycle ride together. Part of Banja Luka's critical mass are all citizens and all cycling lovers. The event was created by the Center for the Environment. You can follow their activities on their Facebook page."