About us

Center for Environment is an organization that is  clearly focused on environmental issues since  its founding and beggining of activity. It was founded in 1999, with the aim to influence and contribute to the improvement of the environment through its active and proactive actions.

When a group of students from the Natural Sciences Faculty in Banja Luka launched the organization Young Researchers in Banja Luka they  could not even imagine what activities the association would have today. At the very beginning, we wanted to be primarily engaged in scientific research, and that environmental protection would be the result of the research that we are going to carry out. However, we quickly realized that for scientific-research work we will not have the support of faculty professors, and at the same time we have discovered that we need to change our focus on the activity if we want to give deserved attention to environmental issues.

We have learned mostly out of our own mistake , because we did not have contacts with organizations and networks from which we could learn and work together. For this reason, our development and maturity as an organization also went slower. Maturation was followed by changing the goals and methods of work, and one of the steps was the change of name to the Center for Environment.

Today, the Center for  Environment is recognized as an organization that tries to influence the relevant public policies in a reasoned and active way, raise public awareness of environmental issues, and achieve constructive cooperation with other associations, networks, institutions and international organizations.


The Center for the Environment is a non-profit and non-partisan association that arguably advocates changes in society by influencing relevant policies and public awareness of the environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina and internationally.


A just society that is responsible for acting in accordance with nature.

There is no ongoing projects in "Our space" programme at the moment.

Besides projects defined by programmes, Center for environment is actively working on other topics in the field of environment and on networking with other organizations at the regional and international level. In the section "Other Projects" we are presenting projects which are not related to the specific program.

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