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Wind park Mesihovina: Clean vs dirty energy

First wind park Mesihovina is opened in March 2018. It is located in the village of Gornji Brišnik, Tomislavgrad. With 22 turbines, it is one of the largest wind parks in South East Europe. Unlike coal,  wind produces clean and renewable energy. After we visited vulnerable…

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Gacko: Pollution kills entire families

Since Gacko thermal power plant was built in 1983, pollution is a current problem and the everyday life of this town. This is being talked about for more than 30 years, but no one is solving the problem. Today, this thermal power plant is one…

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Kakanj: Life under a sky full of poison

According to the Report of the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), published in 2016, Kakanj Thermal Power Plant is amongst the ten largest European emitters of sulfur dioxide (SO2). The pollution emitted from this plant is spreading across Europe across borders. According to citizens of…

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Stanari: The other side of the story…

Thermal power plant in Stanari commenced it’s operation in September 2016. It’s production is justified by the working positions and claims that the operation itself is in accordance with the Environmental regulations. However, for several families in Stanari Thermo power plant and mine brought only…

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Activities planning on pilot sites

Considering the fact that invasive alien species (hereinafter: IAS) are among the two biggest global threats to biodiversity, posing as a huge ecological, economical and health threat, a special attention within DTP Sava TIES project is being paid to the management options of the most…

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